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Company Overview

Experion Global has its maritime base in the Netherlands near the city and port of Rotterdam. We bring international experience and are active around the globe. Our focus is the maritime industry and our models, methodologies, and solutions are designed to exceed customers’ expectations. Our clients strive to operational excellence and so do we.

Experion Global has ambitious goals as we want to be recognized as the best of the class. Our objective is to work in partnership with clients (and business partners), to deliver responsive and enduring solutions to business problems and strategic opportunities.Transforming businesses in the maritime industry require strategic insight based on strong business vision and deep domain understanding. This understanding is what Experion Global is all about.

Experion Global has its IT development centre in India. It is our aim to deliver business solutions and not just IT systems. We have a presence in four continents and clients in all. In order to deliver value, we help clients to enhance revenues or by reducing cost of operations. As a value creator we have the advantage that we can tap into the largest pool of talented IT professionals: IT + IT = Experion Global (Indian Talent + Information Technology).


Transformation is the ability to change in time, which is applicable to our clients as for us

Experion Global takes pride in our clients and they reward us through returning projects. We are committed, take responsibility and are able to provide services and products on basis of the one-stop-shop principle. Our slogan ‘experience value’ is built on the principle of credible return on investment and to deliver unique business solutions Therefore if you want to find out and likes to experience value than please contact us now!

Rotterdam is the cradle of Experion Global and is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Rotterdam has a long history and received municipal rights in the year 1,340. The modest fishing village of Rotterdam was founded on the alluvial deposit of the river Rotte. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, after the river Maas had been dyked in and the Rotte dammed off, it grew into an urban settlement. Today Rotterdam is an international and dynamic city capable to reinvent itself constantly.

The port of Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world. Its strategic location at the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta on the North Sea and at the heart of a massive rail, road, air and inland waterway distribution system extending throughout Europe is the reason that Rotterdam is often called the "Gateway to Europe". The port is extended into the sea and can accommodate the largest ships in service today. Rotterdam is one of the only two available mooring locations for the largest bulk ship in the world – MS Berge Stahl with a laden draft of almost 24 meters. Rotterdam has the first automated container terminal in the world with unmanned robotic cranes and AGV’s (automated guided vehicles).

The port of Rotterdam and its surrounding area is susceptible to a storm surge from the North Sea. The flood barrier has a unique design and consists of two huge doors that normally rest in a dry dock besides the river. When a flood of 3 metres (9.8 ft) above mean sea level is predicted the gates are floated into positions, like caissons, and sunk in place. When the water level recedes enough to open the gates, they are floated back into their docks.

Annual throughput:
> 400 million tons per annum
Ships calls:
> 33,000 seagoing ships per annum
> 110,000 inland barges per annum
Port area:
10,500 ha
Direct employment:
70,000 jobs

Port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam Port City