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General System’s Features - Dashboard/ KPIs

Experion Global’s products are workflow driven and come with alerts and notifications. This will ensure the right follow-up for activities in various processes. But also to inform managers and external customers about status information. Getting the right information at the right time and at the right spot is all what matters. Our IT products come with various dashboards depending on roles and responsibilities in the organisation. Our IT products set global standards as they are designed for and by industry experts on basis of next generation technology. We see it as our challenge to surpass your expectations in all aspects of the business. Our IT products come with many reports, but also with a user configurable report generator. This will help every user to create an own data set for further analysis.

KPIs are available per department or section and are visible on the opening screen of each user. A KPI is a tool to measure how the business is doing, while each KPI is linked to a strategic goal. KPIs are measuring the past, but they can be used for futurised predictions. Experion Global takes a route from monitoring performance to performance analytics. One of the benefits is that our next generation software products can easily integrate with your existing systems. xDashboard is a comprehensive tool that helps managers and executives to make effective decisions and to create awareness among users.

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