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Mobile solutions have the power to reshape the maritime industry. Staying competitive and creating a transparent logistics environment mean acknowledgement of mobility and the speed it develops. Mobile solutions can provide companies with an unprecedented opportunity to transform their relationships and build towards competitive advantage even faster than was possible when web technologies emerged. Experion Global operates at the forefront in delivering the benefits of mobility for maritime companies.

Mobile applications are no longer matter of debate, but the challenge is in your current business needs and in your roadmap for the future. In everything we do, Experion Global takes a business-driven approach because you don’t need random features. Our services cover all your mobility needs from strategic planning to device management to end-user applications and network infrastructure.

The management and support of mobile infrastructures, applications and devices is becoming increasingly complex. Experion Global puts quite some emphasis in creating the right infrastructure for your staffs and customers, but at the same time minimizing data security risks for the company.

Experion Global is the right business partner to guide you through your journey to mobility by defining a strategy that change from mobile opportunity to business advantage. We have access to latest cutting-edge mobile technologies. Therefore contact us when you like to enter into the era of mobility or like to look through a mobile-first lens.


We believe that digital initiatives will enhance customer service

Please follow us when we launch a sophisticated range of apps which are designed by and for maritime people. Experion Global likes to work in partnership with you because shared know-how, ideas, passion and commitment will result in refreshing and successful projects. Please contact us for more information.

The flagship solution of Experion Technology is Fieldmax. Fieldmax is a proven enterprise mobility platform, which has been deployed across different industries and business use cases. Fieldmax platform provides some of the fundamental building blocks for an enterprise application and addresses some of the common integration issues such as:

  • Support for disconnected usage;
  • Secure integrated authentication;
  • Integration connections for various enterprise applications;
  • Notifications and alerts;
  • Reporting & dashboards.

FieldMax stands for ‘field productivity maximized’. The website is at www.fleldmax.in. Please contact us for more information.

ED Controls is designed for surveyors, container depots, shipyard supervisors, architects, construction supervisors and anyone who works with technical drawings. ED Controls is an ideal tool for those who have to check work in progress and to report accordingly.

  • You carry always latest drawings;
  • You have your checklist available all the time;
  • You can make pictures and link them to the respective drawing detail;
  • You can make reports with drawing details and pictures;
  • You can send reports to your office;
  • You have more time for other tasks;
  • You have your own management dashboard.

Please check for more details: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg2ECrjex_I#t=119 (Dutch language)

Please contact us for more information.

To streamline cargo delivery or pick up at cargo handling terminals, Experion Global has developed a tool for transport companies and truckers. With this tool truckers can get a time slot at the terminal and can pre-notify cargo details. Even when there is a delay en-route truckers can inform terminal and their company accordingly.

Please contact us for more information.