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Planning Systems

The planning systems of Experion Global are designed to make the best decisions thinkable, which will result in more efficiency and lower costs. No-one is happy with suboptimal solutions due to lack of experience, unclear guidelines or level of complexity. Experion Global is specialized in analytics, mathematics and big data. This to ensure that smartest decisions and best plans will come available to the maritime industry. Due to our domain focus we know all ins-and-outs of your business and have a clear picture of today’s problems and challenges for tomorrow. Our comprehensive planning tools will help you to optimize your processes and to make your department or company more effective. Our planning tools are designed especially for environments with 24/7/365 obligations or where you have to deal with peak moments.

Ships arrive and sail irregularly putting pressure on your berth allocation and input of equipment. Planning of your STS-gantries, yard equipment and labour resources require user-friendly tools taking into consideration operational aspects, preventive maintenance, ILO guidelines and safety rules. Whilst in pilotage you have to deal with pilot qualifications, work and holiday schedules but also fatigue. For haulage our planning tools reduce empty mileage and optimize both the laden and empty transport moves. The deliveries and collections are scheduled in regards to available space of rail, barge and coastal feeder services combined with truck transport planning.

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Often there is disconnect between operations and the company’s strategy. Is the output of your planning aligned with your business goals or in other words with the right performance and cost of operations? Experion Global brings together KPIs, cost and revenue elements in its planning tools. Awareness will result in better decisions and will avoid that your planners plan in the dark.