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Port Systems

Experion Global port solutions are especially designed for 2nd and 3rd tier ports that like to have full control over their activities in the port industrial complex, waterways and over ship movements. The solution is suitable for all port models irrespective whether it is service port, tool port, landlord port or corporatized port. Due to an open design all other products can easily be plugged-in while each product consists out of a suit of modules.

Our port solution has incorporated IMO FAL, e-Manifest, ISPS, IMDG, UN-Locodes and comes with an impressive library of ship profiles. Some of the features are:

  • Arrival notification
  • Berth application
  • Sailing application
  • Port Services (waste disposal, potable water, bunkers, crew change, M&R)
  • Berth planning
  • Pilot planning and management, including qualification and fatigue aspects
  • Radio log
  • AIS navigation
  • Cargo information
  • Resource planning
  • CRM
  • Property management
  • Invoicing
  • Incident and claim handling
  • Emergency protocols
  • EDI/ XML information interchange
  • Web forms
  • Dashboard/KPIs

Also we can integrate a VTS system in order to have a port wide operating and management information system.

Our solution is a port enterprise solution that will improve the competitive position by making the port more effective and your organisation more efficient. Ports these days are a node in one or more transport chains. Therefore your organisation cannot ignore hinterland logistics and streamlining of processes. Outdated systems and manual paper-based processes are in today’s business world unthinkable. Experion Global port community solution (PCS), or maritime single window (MSW), will not only connect port and transport stakeholders or exchange information electronically, but also will streamline their underlying processes.

A port requires adequate information at the fingertips because every day they have to deal with situations involving safety, security, environmental and commercial issues. In such a dynamic and challenging environment it is of utmost importance to have the right solution based on latest business thinking and next generation technology.

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