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Experion Global is the only company that offers a complete security solution especially designed for port terminals. Our product xSecurity can be integrated with every third party TOS or POS system. We bring together access control and purpose of visit. We provide information about ships alongside and the crews and passengers on board. We provide information about IMDG cargo on the terminal and provide information in regards to various emergency protocols. Our product goes beyond the ISPS Code. Therefore we are proud to say that this in-house development is the most sophisticated terminal security solution available on the market using next generation technology.

Experion Global delivers complete security solutions including CCTV cameras, license plate recognition (OCR), fence devices (which detect and locate intruders along the fence), VTS and AIS systems and the integration thereof. We deliver project management and installation work. However, we believe that thinking in common patterns will not come to the benefit of a project. We know our limitations on what we can develop in-house in terms of hard- and software. Therefore Experion Global works with the best in the industry. We deliver from different brands to ensure the relevancy for your project. Although we can serve you on part level, it is our challenge to deliver an all-in-one solution, in which all the necessary hard- and software are integrated into one system.

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