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Terminal System

Experion Global terminal solution is based on next generation technology and latest business thinking. The system is especially designed for medium and small sized terminals irrespective whether they handle containers, general cargo, Ro/Ro or whatever combination. The solution is flexible, scalable and modular. By using open source technology there is no dependency. We have brought together a ship hold of knowledge and experience from over the world to develop our solution. The internet, radio data transmission and mobility are an integrated part of the solution.

Experion Global terminal solution is designed to give total visibility and control over equipment and processes. We execute terminal performance improvement programs at well-established facilities and know the pitfalls and business issues in and out. Our engineering capability allows us to understand the role of automation and the benefit thereof. Some system features:

  • Berth planning
  • Ship planning
  • Yard planning – container stacks & open storage areas
  • Ship-to-shore crane scheduler
  • Yard crane scheduler
  • Equipment scheduler
  • Gang & labour scheduler
  • Yard planning
  • Equipment interchange receipt
  • Cargo delivery/ receipt
  • Cargo release
  • Cargo eManifest
  • Cargo pre-notification
  • Truck token
  • Rail operations
  • Barge operations
  • Truck load operations
  • Terminal security and access control
  • Hierarchical dashboards with specific KPIs and report generator
  • Invoicing
  • Customer services
  • Shift reports
  • EDI/ XML information interchange
  • Web forms
  • Dashboards/KPIs

Our terminal security solution can be plugged-in to have a fully integrated package, whereby terminal and security processes are interlinked. The same can be said with our port solutions when the service-port-model is applicable. It is our philosophy to stay always one step ahead and to bring your operation to the next level.

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