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Benchmark Studies

As a domain centric company, Experion Global is the ideal company to assist you in comparing business processes and performance metrics to best practices. We keep close track on latest industry developments for simple reasons. First of all we like to understand our business and secondly you hire support in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Benchmarking is a rather complex activity. For instance an efficient container terminal can be defined as a facility with maximum output level for the same level of inputs across other observed container terminals. There are many parameters such as TEU per meter quay length, or TEU per ship-to-shore gantry crane, or TEU per terminal surface, or TEU per FTE and so forth, but there are so many hidden factors and peculiarities that it is dangerous to use publicly reported data. Every container terminal is different with its own constraints. Unfortunately and despite several attempts, there is still no international standard for measuring container terminal efficiency and performance. Here it should be stressed that container terminal productivity is just one of the parameters in a benchmark study.

Benchmarking is often an iterative process to monitor improvements and to find out your position versus other companies in the industry. Depending on the problem definition, Experion Global brings in the exercise DEA (data envelopment analysis), which maps out a production frontier based on inputs and outputs. The frontier represents the best possible practice in the industry or sample studied. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry best practice to measure your company against these standards. We will set up the right team for you and your company with the capability and experience of applying its skills and know-how to different geographical, cultural and operational situations. Benchmarking will help you to identify areas and opportunities for improvement. Also to understand areas which are critical to build a strategic advantage and to bring new ideas into your company, this helps you to tackle areas for improvement. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!