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Business Processes Redesign – BPR

Experion Global sees BPR as a method to get grip on the way the company is performing by analyzing the current processes. The idea behind BPR is to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency or to implement the workflow for a new strategic direction. Today’s business environment is turbulent and requires utmost attention to react adequately on new circumstances. BPR is a practice of redesigning business processes with associated tools. The purpose is to take a critical look to the organization, while rethinking on how to deliver more value for your customers. Naturally with the introduction of new technology, review of processes is a prerequisite.

BPR is not a recipe for successful business transformation, but it is just one of the elements therein. The strength of the chain is in the weakest link. Therefore successful projects combine the change in processes together with the process of change.

Especially the human factor is of eminent importance. For BPR projects Experion Global likes to understand your company, culture and leadership first. We use different tools and techniques to map the actual situation before we are able to provide you with a roadmap that is future proof.

Experion Global can help you to optimize business processes and to transform your organisation. We bring clever tools to map or design your processes in a relatively short period of time. Another help is complexity reduction via a business process review. The aim is to provide insight into your organisation in relation to the organizational structure, processes and technology. Reduction in any of these areas opens up opportunities for simplification in others. Business expansion or bureaucracies may complicate your operating model resulting in a less efficient output. Whether your company is manoeuvring in calm weather or in stormy weather a critical look on business processes is a continuous activity. Business process review will provide valuable information for decision-making, which will help you to streamline the organisation or to reveal hidden costs. Please contact us for more information when you like:

  • To identify areas for improvements;
  • To maximize process efficiency;
  • To improve customer focus;
  • To align information systems with business objectives.