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Change Management

Experion Global sees in change management a structural approach to guide the organization in a smooth transition from ‘old’ to new’. A thorough BPR will not lead to a successful and lasting business transformation automatically. The human factor is crucial. In general people are rather reserved to change and it takes time before they feel comfortable with change. Without a change management programme people could start to complain and feel that they are left in the dark on what’s going on. Rumoured information creates an environment that is filled with a sense of threat. Experion Global is your ideal business partner because we understand the maritime business in and out. Moreover we are not from Mars or Venus, but we know and have experienced the consequences of change ourselves.

A change management program creates awareness in the organisation about where and when problems occur. And at the same time to reduce risks in mission-critical processes and to monitor progress. The aim of the program is that managers and staffs focus on results (1); that actions are taken to overcome barriers to change (2); that there are open, regular and powerful communication lines to staffs (3); that there are remedies against negative perceived signals from internal and external customers; to ensure clear leadership and sponsorship throughout the organisation (4); and to monitor progress of the program on a continuous basis especially of each change initiative (5).

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (540- 480 BC) already used the adage: “nothing is permanent except change”. Change is everywhere and, probably, it goes faster than ever before. The needs for innovation and impact of technology have revolutionized every business. Consequently companies have to react adequately or otherwise they are left behind. So when you intent to adapt to changes in strategic plans, operational concepts, technologies, or customer requirements then please consider Experion Global as your business partner. Also when you like to go through a major turnaround and need to align and focus your company or when you like to optimize business processes. We have a maritime background and focus. Therefore Experion Global has the capabilities to drive change and to avoid hiccups in mission-critical processes.

The success of change management programs is not always evident. Change is not just a rational business plan alone, but is influenced by the effect and behaviour of people in the organisation. Sometimes there is an invisible layer, which is not noticeable by the management. This layer is of utmost importance because it determines the success of the program. Behaviour and motives of people cannot be left untouched as the organisation has to move forward in a certain direction. Especially for this invisible layer Experion Global has developed a special program, which is based on the flow of ideas from “Non-Violent Communication” from Marshall Rosenberg and “Theory U” from Otto Scharmer.

The same program can also be used to learn how enthusiastic and involved your staffs are about the work and company. There is a correlation between customer satisfaction and staffs’ behaviour and attitude. You will benefit when there is a willingness to go beyond the basic parameters of the job. The program will help you to understand what factors will create more job satisfaction and to gain a competitive edge. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!