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Functional Specifications

A new IT system is a long-term investment. Here there are two possibilities either to opt for an off-the-shelf system or tailor made system. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but in both cases the most important element is to have clear understanding of the functional requirements. In software you have applications that are either designed to solve the execution of individual tasks or support the business processes on basis of predefined workflows. Process driven software manages and executes the flow of work in your organization, whose order of execution is driven by the computer representation of the workflow logic. You like to minimize the risks associated with software development, roll out of the system and gaps between agreed and delivered. The Pareto (80/20) principle is around in different capacities. Experion Global can minimize these risks and to make a success out of your IT investment.

Naturally the implementation of an IT project is a success when it is on time, within budget and covered the specified functionality. However, the IT project should deliver business value thus a positive ROI. In general Experion Global follows two simple rules, namely:

  • To put efforts into supporting innovations in key processes. Key processes will differentiate you from competitors and create business value.
  • To use standard functionality in areas outside these key processes. If standard functionality does suit existing processes, change them rather than to adjust software. Leave out processes which aren’t worth to automate.

We always take an approach from business concept to technology. Based on your business model, we like to understand what is necessary to create a competitive advantage and how this should be done in terms of the technical infrastructure. Consequently Experion Global will perform together with you a strategic and operational analysis. Thereafter we determine the best business processes model and then develop a suitable IT environment to facilitate these processes. For every IT project it is important to balance benefits versus costs. Maximizing benefits can be achieved by abandoning the temptation to develop non value adding software features. The whole process can be complex, whereby Experion Global can help you to have discussions on value creation and to make a quantum leap. As a domain centric company we bring IT expertise and business know-how. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!