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Performance Improvement

Performance improvement is prerequisite especially in the maritime industry. No industry has seen so many fluctuations, where collaborations and mergers are a survival strategy. The Plan-Do-Check-Act methods are well embedded in most companies. Especially in stormy weather companies review and assess their internal processes in an effort to enhance operating efficiencies, improve cash flow and expand margins. To become outstanding, performance improvement is applicable in any weather in order to stay ahead of the competition. They have a constant focus on operating strategies to ensure continuous improvement and their willingness to implement new methods to take advantage of opportunities. Experion Global can assist your company in identifying opportunities and capturing those deficiencies. We work together with you to achieve the desired results.

Experion Global experts look to business differently, but they see more because of their internal experience. As a domain centric company, we offer a unique focus to our customers:

  • Industry oriented – we focus on your unique needs and have true knowledge of your business;
  • Flexible – we operate wherever you may be located at your site;
  • Innovative – we solve your challenges using industry best practices in combination with future-proof solutions.

Experion Global brings special expertise in terminal operations; ship agency management; slot management; cargo routing optimization (carrier haulage); equipment control and empty repositioning; pre- and on carriage transportation; empty mileage reduction; pilotage planning; resource and equipment planning. Furthermore we put quite some emphasis on the human factor. We believe that empowered staffs deliver better results for the company as well as for your customers. In outstanding companies staffs and managers clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.

Performance improvement in container terminals is a continuous challenge. A container terminal can have various operating inefficiencies, which are due to inappropriate planning decisions, operating procedures, equipment and manpower policies. The terminal reliability, quality, performance and costs are important parameters for shipping lines and shippers. In spite of it deficiencies are mainly tackled from an equipment perspective. Well-known benchmark performance indicators (berth productivity, quay crane productivity, yard crane productivity, and truck turnaround times), including performance-cost balance, are taken into the exercise with some of its limitations. Complex and inaccessible mathematical simulation are used as a basis for performance improvement. Experion Global , however, takes a different approach, although IT is a part of our business. We take a holistic approach rather than a one-sided approach with simulation models alone.

Deficiencies have different causes and effects. The PIP (Performance Improvement Programme) goes in every aspect of terminal operations and there might be an array of problems waiting for improvement. The programme is aimed to have various “building blocks” at the right position.

Especially shipping lines face significant challenges in recording and collecting sea freight and additional charges. They have to cope with a high volume of bookings and services at many different geographical locations. Pricing is an art with international operations and customers requiring tailored made solutions. Revenue oversight is more complex, while revenue leakages can happen easily. Ship disbursements arrive after the events took place. Cost accrual and revenue registration systems will bring the necessary transparency on a real-time basis. To a certain extent this is also applicable to ports and terminals. Experion Global can help you to get that financial transparency and to avoid revenue leakage.

One of the hallmarks of leading-edge companies is successful introduction of performance measurement to gain insight into, and make judgements about, the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs, processes and people. However, it is not about gathering and analysis of performance data alone; it is about using performance measurement to drive improvements and to translate strategy successful into action. Many maritime companies have already a cohesive performance measurement framework in place, which is understood by all levels in the organisation. Experion Global can introduce the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ in your company, which is developed by David Norton and Robert Kaplan. This framework will translate your company’s strategic objectives into a set of performance indicators distributed among several perspectives. The Balanced Scorecard, as with most performance management methodologies, is linked to your company’s vision and mission. It is about the ability to learn and to improve.

Experion Global is geared to help you to manage the business better and to minimize the risks. We like to work with you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your company. Business analytics and big data are seen as essential tools for decision-making. Although that is true, it is not about compiling data, but about providing useful data related to the strategic goals and objectives – at all levels. It is important to identify what works – and what does not – so as to continue with and improve on what is working and repair or replace what is not working. Experion Global can help you with the right information systems and to get a higher performance by improvement of the working processes. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!