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Security Plan & Assessment

Experion Global is providing services and products to ensure that port or terminal facilities meet the requirements under the ISPS Code, as developed by the IMO, and Designated Authority. The security assessment will check whether the facility is in compliance with the Code and regulations. Furthermore whether there are improvements in terms of processes, procedures, hardware and software. If necessary, we deliver and install complete facility security systems.

For the plan and assessment Experion Global identifies and evaluates assets and infrastructure, which is important to protect. We identify measures, procedures and actions aimed at reducing critical vulnerabilities, where special attention is paid to the need for and the means of, access control and restrictions to specific areas including identification of employees, visitors, passengers and ship crews. We identify how measures, procedures and actions should be reinforced in the event of an increase of security level. Naturally there is attention to the relationship with other response plans. We identify communication requirements for surveillance and measures to protect security-sensitive information from disclosure. We identify necessary fencing requirements, barrier systems and security cameras for observation and video surveillance.

Experion Global uses Open Platform Tools to integrate with third party systems. Cargo scanners, TOS systems, fire detection systems, sensors and security systems must be intertwined in order to have the best security output. Experion Global realizes that technology alone cannot secure the port or port facility, nor can additional security procedures, physical barriers, or additional manpower fully mitigate the risk. What will work is an integrated, carefully planned approach that incorporates the best elements of technical, physical, procedural and information security disciplines into a comprehensive strategy. This is where Experion Global brings added value.

Experion Global and our partners can provide a comprehensive range of sophisticated turnkey solutions. We design, install and integrate security systems and technologies to the benefit of your port facility. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!