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Strategy and Master Plans

The need for a port master plan is evident as it presents the strategic intentions over the medium to long term. First and foremost the master planning process helps to clarify strategic thinking and to gather ideas to develop a market-oriented and future-oriented port strategy. Port strategy requires a process of dialogue with port stakeholders, unions, environmental associations, chamber of commerce and other relevant parties in order to be effective and to reach consensus. Discussions with parties concerned will benefit with the presence of experts. Here Experion Global can be engaged in a workshop as a facilitator. Factors which have an impact on the strategy plan are:

  • Trade forecast and handling potential and its implication;
  • Land strategy;
  • Infrastructure – transport planning, hinterland connections and modal split.

Another important aspect is a realistic time horizon because Infrastructure planning involves long lead times. Port planning is about value creation, economic attractiveness, technical knowhow and innovative spirit.

Port planning is not about the port alone, but about the port in context of the overall regional or national development.To meet the challenge of growth, it is important to look beyond the port own boundaries. Transport and logistics developments can be seen as responses (or effects) to six outside macro trends, namely: economic and industrial trends; political trends; social trends; infrastructure trends; environmental trends and technology trends. Enhanced master planning can bring increased investment confidence and greater transparency for stakeholders. Experion Global is aware that a “one size fits all” master planning approach is seldom appropriate.

The port master plan helps to clarify and to communicate the port vision. Furthermore they provide a strategic framework for the port authority to consider a range of internal and external factors that may impact on current and/ or future operations. The port master plan will move your port to the top in terms of reliability, safety, and sustainability. Experion Global can help you to design the future of the port. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!

In shipping, strategy is mainly about short term survival. Even by shipping standards, the last decade was a ride of unprecedented highs and dramatic lows. To navigate through these storms, skills are needed to reach the port of call. Maybe you are in the eye or already on the outside of the depression, but at a certain moment you have to rethink and find a sustainable position in a turbulent industry. It is time to evaluate the damage and to sail into the future. Experion Global can help you to find the strategic logic for the future destination.

One thing is for sure: the shipping industry will change. Shipping lines will operate more globally with a higher level of professionalism and customer focus. The challenge is to create a more agile and responsive company and to make the decision-making process easier. The internal processes have to be robust, scalable and efficient to become effective. Also strategy is about people, their behaviour and in the way to get things done. Experion Global can help you to still the waters and to ensure that you will stay on course. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!