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Companies, of all shapes and sizes, have to evolve constantly and have to ensure that their staffs are suited to changing job content and working circumstances. Especially stevedoring went from a quantitative focus on hours of relatively low skilled labour to a qualitative focus on skilled jobs. The ongoing technical developments, especially in the area of automation, require that operational staffs are well-trained for different tasks and responsibilities. Multi-skilled staffs require insight into operational processes, especially where output of one is used as input for another. Safety and security requirements are asking for trainings programs, which bring staffs to a higher level. Training is a part in career planning and an instrument to create operational excellence.

Experion Global focuses on transfer of knowledge during consultancy projects or interim management assignments. We only provide maritime training or due to software implementation. Whilst insufficient training limits the skills set needed to perform new roles and responsibilities as a part of process redesign or performance improvement activities. Experion Global brings an ideal mix of theory and practice and prefers interactive session’s onsite. To make discussions livelier, we use many industry examples but always fine-tune the programme to your specific requirements. Experion Global is in frequent communication with companies and authorities in order to secure continue flow of up-to-date market and best practice information. Definitely an efficient and effective organisation will strengthen your position in a competitive industry.


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