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Port reform changes the institutional structure in the port and increases involvement of the private sector. To attract participation and long-term financial commitments from potential investors, it is important to have a legal framework for defining public-private partnerships (PPP). To hive off specific functions to the private sector, it is a necessity to have a solid, open, and transparent transaction process, whereby rules and responsibilities are clear for each party. There are different possibilities for a port authority or government to reach commercial and financial agreement with potential investors. Concession agreements are often developed as a part of a BOT scheme and represent specific agreements between the port authority or government and concessionaire to carry out construction and operation of a port development project. PPP is common practice, particularly in terminal and infrastructure development. We assess the impacts on the overall transaction via SWOT analysis and risk identification. Experion Global and partners deliver all aspects of transaction advisory, from the preparation of tender documents and bid strategy through to the review of legal documentation, financial implications and negotiation.

From the perspective of the potential investor a transaction is closely related to the company’s strategic goals. The services require sound preparation and evaluation of tender documents, understanding of the tender process, clear bidding strategy and strong negotiation skills. Our main expertise is in operational and technical due diligence. Through due diligence and technical diagnostics we determine operational and commercial risks and recognize areas for improvement. Experion Global is an independent domain centric company driven by enthusiastic maritime experts. We combine project methodologies together with profound knowledge. Taking in consideration the other service offerings, Experion Global is an ideal partner in any maritime transaction irrespective whether you are an investor or port authority. Please contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you!